Laser & Photo Rejunvenation

Skin Rejuvenation to treat saggy skin, loss of elasticity, cellulite, or textural irregularities. It is recommended to complete 3-5 treatments to achieve maximum results. Save 15% when you buy a package of 3!

VSHAPE MICROPLASMA PEEL used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and irregularities in skin texture and tone. It is recommended to complete 3-5 treatments to achieve maximum results.

The GentleLASE is effective for the treatment of:

  • Hair Removal
  • Permanent hair reduction on all skin types
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Sun Spots/Age Spots
  • Freckles
  • Cafe-au-Lait
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Hemangiomas
  • Venous Lakes
  • Blue Facial Veins
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea/Redness

GentleLASE Laser Hair Reduction
The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Reduction in all Fitzpatrick skin types. It is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, performance, safety and patient satisfaction.

All pricing and packaging ranges based on area of desired Laser Hair Reduction.

GentleLase Vein TreatmentCosmetic Laser Vein Correction – Laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in your blood and collapses the unwanted vein. The laser energy is delivered superficially through a hand-held device with a cooling tip that protects your skin.

SCULPSURE is a non-invasive body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen and love handles.  The 25 minute procedure destroys 24% of treated fat cells without surgery.  Sculpsure is ideal for people with trouble spots, particularly those that seem resistant to diet and exercise.  Start seeing results as early as 6 weeks with optimal results seen at 12 weeks.

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Formostar Far Infrared Body Wrap System is a relaxing 50 minute treatment for weight loss and pain management, including arthritis. It’s great for helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite and there is never a need to disrobe… it wraps right over your clothing!