Permanent Make-up

We are so pleased to announce we have partnered with
Mary Hunter of Eyebrow Renovation & Permanent Make-Up of Charlottesville!!
Mary will be joining us once a month to perform permanent make-up applications for our clients!!

How you can benefit from permanent makeup:
  - Saves time – effortless good looks, both day and night
  - Serves your active lifestyle – won’t run or streak during your workout
  - Gives a natural, “beautiful without makeup” look
  - Ends the difficulty of applying makeup with glasses
  - Minimizes those aging changes around eyes and lips
  - Eliminates a challenge for arthritic or shaky hands

For men:  If you have light eyebrow hair or bald spots in your eyebrows, I can improve your appearance with a bit of tattooed color along the brow line, allowing for a more expressive face.  The color is matched to your skin tones and hair color for a perfectly natural look.

Price List:

  • Eyebrows, $425
  • Eyeliner, upper, $295
  • Eyeliner, upper and lower, $425
  • Lipcolor, $475
  • Eyebrow booster for work done elsewhere, $225
  • Eyebrow booster for my clients, $125
  • Upper and lower eyeliner booster for work done elsewhere, $325
  • Eyeliner booster for my clients, $175
  • Scar camouflage Individually priced, depending on surface
  • Repigmentation (ex., vitiligo) Individually priced, depending on area.
  • Mastectomy nipple tattoos Individually priced, depending on scar surface.
  • Eyebrows require 2 scheduled visits.  Eyeliner often requires a third visit.  Lipcolor usually requires 3 visits.  Scar camouflage usually requires more than one visit.
  • All original work, unless otherwise noted, carries a 12-month warranty against discoloration or excessive fading.