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Who Doesn’t Want To Maximize Your Results?

So much of our lives is all about enjoying the best of today’s conveniences and opportunities. Take your smartphone for example. Sure, it’s awesome that it can also send text messages and help you check your email, but since you’re investing in today’s smartphone technology, you also want your phone to do more (hello, Candy Crush!). That’s not indulgence, that’s smart. You want to maximize the efficiency and opportunities that are available to you. Simply put, you want your investment to do more for your money. We call that being savvy. That’s why we know that you’ll want to maximize the results of your neurotoxin injections. After all, you want the best results that are available to you, right? Let us introduce you to TOXBOOSTER™. It’s like turbo charge for Botox®. It’s like adding a shot of espresso to your morning latte. It’s like…well, you get the idea. It’s Ahh-mazing!

TOXBOOSTER™ is a combined, same-day treatment from the pros at Vitality Institute (VI) that involves the safe, painless VI Peel in conjunction with a neurotoxin injectable like Botox® or Xeomin® that works alongside the neurotoxin to enhance your results (yes, please!) AND extend the benefits of your results! What a win-win! Basically, TOXBOOSTER™ gives you a total skin transformation by combining best treatment options that are available today. Talk about savvy!

In seven days, the maximum benefits of the injections and the post-peel TOXBOOSTER™ Treatments are realized.

Get to know all about TOXBOOSTER™ and see if it’s right for your Custom Treatment Plan. Remember, your professionally prepared, Custom Treatment Plan is a FREE service from Body Essence with your initial consultation. We’ll chat with you about the results that you want and make professional recommendations to help you achieve those results as successfully and efficiently as possible. We’ll also answer your questions and tell you all about the latest treatment options like TOXBOOSTER™. To get started, Contact Us right now.